Rainwater harvesting and water storage systems with customizable configurations.

Yes you can. Ensure the elevated area is stable, level, and capable of withstanding the weight of a tank that is full of water.

We suggest securing all Slimline Tanks to a stable permanent structure. Some customers have used Water Heater Strapping and anchoring hardware to attach Bushman Slimline tanks to the exterior wall of a building.

Yes, It is best to completely drain your tank and leave the bottom plugs open during any potential for freezing temperatures.

Yes, Winterizing all parts that can retain water is critical. Bushman Tanks, Pumps and Accessories are not designed to withstand the force of freezing water. Damage from frozen water is not covered by Bushman's Warranty.

The holes are for added strength, the baffles connect the front and back walls of the tank and keep it from bulging outward. These Engineered Features along with increased wall thickness, allow Bushman Slimline Tanks to provide worry free performance for years.

They are all 1 inch NPT size outlets.

We recommend a level area slightly larger than the tank covered with 3 - 4 inches of crushed 3/4 inch drainage rock. Smaller rock can be added on top of the crushed rock for better appearance. Concrete slabs or pavers are also suitable, but not required.

All Bushman tanks are equipped with stainless steel 20x20 mesh on inlets and overflows to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from entering the tanks. (Remember to always keep the cover on your inlet strainer basket)

The Bushman First Flush Kit is a device that prevents most of the debris on the collection surface: leaves, twigs, dust, bird droppings etc. from entering the tank. This device is highly recommended if you plan to use your stored rainwater in an irrigation system.

Yes, Bushman tanks come from the factory with all the necessary fittings to link tanks in series. Sizes can be mixed but please consult a qualified system designer for advice when mixing sizes.

Our rainwater collection systems are do-it-yourself friendly. All Bushman products come with the necessary instructions to install any of our products. Bushman also offers design assistance via phone and email.

Current Bushman Systems are intended for Above Ground use only. They are designed specifically for collecting and storing rainwater.